6 Nasty Ways Hijackals Perpetrate Post-Separation Abuse

Relief! Yes, you think you’ll feel it when you leave an emotionally abusive relationship, and you will…in some ways. Then, in too many ways, the Hijackal is likely to do everything possible to exert continued control over you…and, over your children. Eight ways Hijackals continue to exert control. Is it happening to you?

(NOTE: This episode ends abruptly due to technical issues.)


  • How domestic violence and domestic abuse can continue after separation
  • What post-separation abuse is
  • 6 ways to prepare for after leaving a Hijackal ( or anyone who is narcissistic, borderline, histrionic, psychopathic, or sociopathic)
  • How ACEs–Adverse Childhood Experiences–often follow separating from a Hijackal
  • Preparing to be safe after leaving an abuser



What folks have said…
You have no idea how much that helped – thank you so much – I wish you love., peace and a night filled with stars and sweet dreams xx Thank you for this excellent video. It was so helpful. Hard subject matter that you explained clearly and truthfully. I appreciate you and the knowledge that you are sharing.
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