5 Telling Things People Say That Show Their Passive-Aggressive Sides

If these are happening too often, you're dealing with crazy-making passive-aggression. Don't miss them!

When you experience passive-aggressive behavior from someone, it messes with your head. You question yourself. You second-guess yourself. It's crazy-making.

A passive-aggressive behavior pattern in someone leaves you feeling confused, second-guessing yourself, and questioning your sanity. "Did I? Didn't I? I thought I did. I thought we agreed. Didn't we?" Sound familiar?

You know about Hijackals® from my books and podcasts. One thing for sure is that all Hijackals are passive-aggressive, but not all passive-aggressive people are Hijackals. That's important to note, because passive-aggression may be the only truly annoying this about the person.

Once you can put your finger on what's so annoying, you can set some boundaries, and communicate more clearly about what you need and want. That's important with a passive-aggressive person.

(If you're wondering if the person you have in mind is actually passive-aggressive, I have a free checklist for you at PassiveAggressiveChecklist.com )

These five things in today's episode are "tells." If someone does them more than once in a blue moon, you may be watching passive-aggression play out.

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