40 Underhanded, Undermining Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Occasional toxic moments? Or sustained patterns of toxicity? How many of these 40 signs of a toxic relationship are showing up in your life?

Every now and again, everyone has an off minute, and says or does something unkind, thoughtless, or just plain hurtful. Toxic people have many traits that happen too consistently…and, too often.


The difference between a person having a toxic moment and a person who has many toxic traits is that the healthier person will acknowledge, take responsibility for, and apologize after behaving poorly. A #Hijackal–a relentlessly difficult, often narcissistic one–will not be accountable or responsible. They are even likely to blame their poor behavior on you!

That’s why it is SO important to take stock of what is going on in your relationship with a partner, parent, sibling, adult child, or co-worker. This episode will help you identify the signs of a toxic relationship so you can make choices. I suggest you create a tally as you listen. How many of these 40 traits does the person you’re thinking of exhibit? Oops!

If you had a toxic parent, you’ll be more susceptible to finding a toxic partner acceptable. That’s really something to watch for.

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