How Knowing These Helps You Make Health-Affirming Decisions

You likely give people the benefit of the doubt, or are willing to go the extra mile for them. That’s healthy and usually reciprocal. Great!

BUT, when you’re with someone with narcissistic behaviors, it’s not healthy or reciprocal. It’s unhealthy and one-sided.


  • 4 different types of narcissists
  • Distinguishing features of each type of narcissistic behavior
  • Why it’s important to talk about narcissistic behavior or narcissistic tendencies rather than a diagnosis
  • How two types of narcissistic behavior can have degrees of severity
  • Can people with narcissistic leanings change?

Most people immediately think of a particular set of traits when they think of narcissism in general: the blustery, look-at-me, superior, grandiose example. And, yes, that is definitely one of the types. Sometimes harder to detect–or harder to believe exist–are the other three contrasting types. Some are sneaky. Some play on your heartstrings. Some simply don’t care! Knowing about these four types can expand the way you look at a troublesome, difficult, or toxic set of traits and realize what’s likely going on. That’s a big help!

How will it help? When you clearly see the patterns, traits, cycles and behaviors of another person, you can make healthy decisions for yourself as to whether you would like to stay in the relationship. Should I stay or should I leave? You need to know what the possibilities for change are, right?

So often, new clients come with that exact question, “Stay or go?” There’s so much to calibrate and they want guidance, information, and direction to make those healthier decisions. And, what if there are children to consider? A huge consideration!!!

Wondering about your relationship as it relates to narcissism?  I’m here to help.

I wish you well.

Big hugs!


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