2 Crazy-Making Patterns Hijackals Use to Confuse

How do Hijackals make you second-guess yourself and question your sanity? Basic to them doing that is the two patterns in this episode of Save Your Sanity. Recognizing them in all their forms can help you in Escaping the Hijackal Trap.


  • Two HUGE blocks to emotional intimacy
  • 5 ways Hijackals deny the truth

Hijackals are ALWAYS defending themselves, whether they need to or not. They are ALWAYS DEFENSIVE. Always on the alert for anything that could vaguely pass as shame coming their way. That makes for a volatile, tense person laying in wait to accuse of thing they did not do. Sound familiar?

Emotional intimacy is too much of a threat to a Hijackal, so they use these two big strategies to keep the truth from emerging.

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