10 Surefire Signs of an Emotional Abuser

Emotional abuse. Don’t ignore, tolerate, or deny it. See it clearly for what it is, AND how it is affecting you daily.

Do you feel putdown, degraded, or are your feelings dismissed and discounted? Is someone trying to control you and/or manipulate you?


  • What coercive control is (See more in this episode.)
  • The many faces of control
  • Why the Hijackal makes isolating you from support sound romantic and attractive
  • How many ways are you being surveilled by a Hijackal, a narcissist?
  • The sad ways Hijackal legitimatize control and punishment

The whole idea behind emotionally abusing you is to tear you down and wear you down to a state of emotional exhaustion. In that state, the Hijackal thinks you will be too distraught to put up a fight or defense. (Of course, even if you were to put up a fight or defense, an emotional abuser sees that as an opportunity to threaten, or rage….or worse.

You need to see these red flags clearly, and recognize that what you are being accused of has nothing to do with you. It is the way of the Hijackal

Are you aware that you have an emotional abuser in your life? . I’m here to help.

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