10 Nasty Ways Hijackals Are Predictably Unpredictable

Too many times, you hope a Hijackal will be different. They may even promise to be, or seem to understand the need to change. But, it’s just for a hot minute, right? These ten ways Hijackals generally behave are ones you need to believe will never change…no matter what is promised. Really!

Hijackals and other narcissistic people are focused on meeting their own needs. Self-absorbed. Self-involved. Self-satisfyining. That’s them. And, they want to control you and everything else they possibly can, especially in the home. Clearly see these patterns in them so that you’ll recognize how frequently they occur. .


  • Recognize how frequently these ten predictable behaviors show up
  • Don’t expect Hijackals to change. They almost never do.
  • Narcissists & other Hijackals repeat these patterns to control you.

Clearly see the patterns and ready for a change? I’m here to help.

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