10 Emotionally Abusive Things Hijackals Say Often

... And How to NEUTRALIZE Their Effects on You

You hear the same demeaning, dismissive things from narcissistic Hijackals all the time. It wears you down and they put your down. You need tools and strategies to neutralize the poison when it's being poured on you. This episode gives you specific insights into keeping yourself safer.


  • Why narcissistic Hijackals (in fact, all Hijackals) need to demean, dismiss, and discount you
  • 10 phrases they use to hopefully gain power over you
  • How to use your inner dialogue to not shrink when a narcissist is nasty
  • Recognizing more ways that emotional abuse shows up in primary relationships with parents, partners, siblings, and adult children
  • How to stick to the facts and respond accordingly

#Hijackals are always looking for a way, a place, an opening to exert power over you. I'm thinking that you're nodding your head in agreement as you read that, right? Hijackals will go to any lengths to be right, to win, to make you wrong, and make everything your fault. It's the Hijackal's nature to do that. And, it is exhausting!

You can become so worn down that you may even start believing what a Hijackal says about you. Has that happened to you? Or, maybe, you got to the "Whatever!" stage? You have been judged, criticized, gaslighted, and ignored, too. They feel powerful when they do those things: large and in charge, they think. They are not. They are actually small and afraid, but they'll never, ever see or admit that.

In this episode, I've offered ten of the multitude of things a narcissist or other Hijackal will say to you to put you in your place, or so they think! In their worlds, they must be the top of the pile, and they honestly think that their needs, wants, thoughts, feelings, preferences, memories, whims, and demands should take precedence over everyone else's. Yes, they may do that in an overt, obvious, even grandiose way. They also may do it in a "I'm a victim" covert way. In fact, many times, they'll use both, just to cover their bases.

How to respond to this to save your sanity and stop second-guessing yourself? I offer you clear ways to work on that.

Do you need insights and strategies for mitigating and responding to emotional and verbal abuse?  I'm here to help.


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