10 Childhood Traumas You Need to Recognize & Recover From

Did you have a toxic home life, or something that happened to you at a young age? Any of these 10 things we’re discussing could seriously affect your adult life.

Ever wonder why you give difficult or toxic people too many chances? Ever wonder why you make a plan to leave, execute it, and end up going back? It happens, and it has a reason…or twelve!

Childhood trauma often is recognized when it was obvious. Much of childhood trauma can be subtle and somewhat under the radar, too. You can heal that, too, and it can make a huge difference to your satisfaction and joy in relationships.


  • How trauma in your early life affects your current relationships
  • What traumas can cause jealousy and control
  • The impact of unhealed, unconscious childhood traumas
  • Why being overly compassionate can make you attractive to #Hijackals
  • Riana’s Trust formula

Riana Milne has a great definition of a toxic partner: “anyone who makes you feel emotionally or physically ill by the way they act or treat you.”

Now, do you know a toxic person? Do you have one that immediately comes to mind? Most people do…even more than one. Why are they attracted to you, and why are you attracted to them? Or, do you “settle” for relationships that really don’t feel loving, joyful, trusting, respectful, and safe?

The good news is that, once you recognize the many things I’ve talked about myself or with guests, you can deeply understand where the past pain is and get help to heal it. That’s a gift you give yourself.

So many of my clients, online community members, and Facebook group members may be overwhelmed when they realize what’s currently impacting them, and their relationships. AND, although it can be hard work, they no longer want to be creating or participating in relationships that are wearing or tearing them down. THAT’S GREAT!

Today’s episode is an eye-opener as my insightful guest shares with you 10 Childhood Traumas you may or may not have given thought to. Healing them and finding new pathways can change the course of your life, AND change your level of happiness. Listen in.

If you have recognized childhood traumas you’ve experienced–maybe, just given them the attention they need, reach out for help and shortcut your journey. I’m always here for you.


childhood traumaRiana Milne is a Certified, Global Life & Love Trauma Recovery Coach, a Cert. Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional, a Certified Mindfulness Coach, #1 Bestselling author, the Host of her Podcast called Lessons in Life & Love™, an Educational Speaker, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor for over 21 years living in Palm Beach County, Florida.

She was also a Life & Dating Coach for the Docu-Series; Radical Dating – Finding Lasting Love Over 40 (and her client is now happily married!). Riana specializes in helping those who have had past Childhood or Love Relationship Trauma to Heal, Transform & Thrive; leading them to Create the Life They Desire and to Have the Love They Deserve!

She offers Coaching programs Online for both Singles & Couples globally.

Riana’s 5-star rated books; the #1 Bestseller, LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve – and – LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose, and Success addresses Life Difficult Transitions, Personal Transformation, The Mindset for Success, and having Loving Conscious Relationships with yourself and others.


ebook: Why 9 Out of 19 People Suffer in Life & Love and How to Have the Love You Deserve GET IT HERE!


Website: https://RianaMilne.com

Podcasts: https://LessonsinLifeandLove.coe

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rianamilne/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoachRianaMilne

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachrianamilne/


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Thank you for understanding me when no one else can, thank you for being here for me when no one else can. You are beacon of light in the darkness of my situation This is so true what you are talking about LoL . Thank you, I have never heard about this [diagnosis] earlier in life. Thank you, God Bless You
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