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We are delighted to offer "Sessions by Skype" for our clients.

With this excellent, accessible technology, you can take advantage of Dr. Shaler's private  and small group sessions from anywhere in the world.

skype therapy


Comfortable & familiar surroundings - you can access our services from the comfort of your home or office, which for some people is a big plus. You may feel more comfortable to share your story, needs and desired outcomes in your own surroundings. If this is you, this can make your sessions with us much more valuable and helpful.

No travel - perhaps travel is a challenge for you, eg. no car, rural location, too far away, no public transit, personal mobility concerns.  Skype eliminates those barriers and allows you to access the help you  need & want directly. As long as you have a computer, internet access a webcame & a microphone, we can work together over Skype. (We also offer individual counseling on the telephone without video, but not so in a group setting.)

No extra costs - telephone counseling has been available for decades, but the barrier to many is long distance charges. Skype eliminates that additional cost of quality counseling. Even though you need a webcam & headset to access our Sessions by Skype, you will use that equipment in many other ways.

Personal Safety - due to the nature of Anger Management and Domestic Abuse counseling, some people may feel their personal safety is at risk by being going out to a live group setting. Skype eliminates that by allowing participation without personal contact. This can be an excellent way to manage mediations and volatile relationship counseling, too, especially if the parties are in different locations for the call.

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skype therapy

Skype™ is a free VOIP video telephone system that runs on your computer.
You can download it here.

All you need is an internet connection (you must have one, you're reading this), a webcam (optional, and many laptops these days have them built in, and you can pick one up for $5-10 at most computer stores) and a microphone or headset (again, most laptops have a mic built in, and a reasonable quality headset can be acquired for under $25 at most computer stores). (P.S. You can then explore all the Skype opportunities for also staying in touch with family, friends and business colleagues, too.)

And you don't have to be concerned about confidentiality or security. Skype uses encryption technology to protect every call.

Skype allows us to offer individual, couples and group counseling sessions (up to only 4 people in any group) with both audio AND video, to anyone, anywhere in the world, with access to a computer and the internet.

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Who can benefit from Sessions on Skype?

You can benefit, whomever you are, wherever you are...because the solutions, strategies, skills and support come right to you on the internet, right where you are.

  • Busy people can get what they need without moving from their homes or offices.
  • Business people & their staffs can get the specific training they need for specific small groups.
  • People with mobility limitations get the help they need from where they are.
  • People in small towns get expert help without concern for confidentiality or visibility.
  • Folks who need to get certification in areas such as anger management or parenting skills can do so from home.

With the convenience and low cost of Skype, counseling, consulting & classes with us becomes much more accessible.

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