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Relationship Consulting & Mediation | San Diego & Everywhere by Video Conferencing

THOUGHTS ON PRIVATE SESSIONS to help you Resolve Relationship Problems within yourself, with others at home and at work....

Sometimes we tend to think of working with a professional as a last resort, the place we go that shows the problem is bigger than our skill set and that somehow we have failed.

I have a different view.

I think wise people, ones who know what they want and are focused on creating the best life, relationships and business success possible, naturally get help the moment they know they need it. Classes and Consulting are that kind of help.

I am Dr. Rhoberta Shaler and I’ve been working with folks like you for more than twenty-five years. Helping individuals, couples and families get the insights, skills and strategies they need to create the life and relationships they most want is what lights my fire.

Everyone has obstacles, fears, scripts and blind spots!

It’s whether or not you work through them that makes all the difference to the quality of your life.


I enjoyed this program very much. There were tons of interesting anecdotes and advice and information. I feel like I gained a lot of insights and wisdom that will serve me well down the way in the future. I also feel like I met some really great people in my fellow classmates.


That’s why I only work with people who are ready to see through, think through and work through the obstacles and fears, scripts and blind spots that will allow them to flourish, to experience the life, love and livelihood they long for.

…and, geography is no obstacle to us working together.

Wherever you may live, the magic of Zoom private video conferencing puts us together, instantly.

Relationship sessions and small-group coaching are easily done via web-based video in my private conference “room”. All you need is a computer with a camera (or even a smartphone) and you’re ready to step into my office from anywhere in the world.

"I am a Life Mechanic."

Years ago, I was in the habit of going to a particular watering hole each Friday after work to meet with colleagues and friends. Although I’m allergic to alcohol, it was a wonderful community of professionals who enjoyed the Friday late afternoon rituals of gathering, talking and preparing for the weekend.

New people would drift through and stop to chat. Of course, one of the first questions a man would ask me is

“What do you do?” (It was after the ‘What is your sign?” era…lol)

I quickly learned that mentioning my work at that time, as a therapist, caused most to put their hands over their faces and say,

“Don’t read me. Don’t figure me out!” in mock horror.

So, I learned to have conversations like this:

“What do you do when your car breaks down?”

I take it to the shop.”

“Why do you take it to the shop?”

“Because I don’t know how to fix it myself. The guys there, that’s all they do, so they are the experts and I don’t have to be.”

“So, you know the value of a mechanic.”


“Great, then. The answer to “What do I do?” is that I am a life mechanic!”

This seemed quite acceptable as well as logical. I think it is true for everyone. And, we all know that it is better to take our cars to the shop at the first sign of a clunk or rattle than to wait until we’re completely unable to move in a dangerous part of town late at night!


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