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Resolve Relationship Problems Well

Personal • Family • Professional Team • Organizational

If you are experiencing interpersonal difficulties that are endangering:
  • your relationship
  • your team
  • your partnership
  • your family
  • your business
  • your organization

Mediation is the ideal solution for resolving relationship problems: communication, conflict, parenting, support, separation, divorce, co-parenting. Working with a professional mediator, a professional "neutral," who can help you mediate differences before they become irreconcilable saves you time, energy, anxiety, stress and money. It is the wise decision.

Engaging a neutral, professionally-trained mediator allows each person involved to feel safe in the dispute resolution process: no special-interest pleading, no taking sides, no politics.

Mediation has its roots in both law and counseling. It is a valuable form of Alternate Dispute Resolution that can save you from litigation ...and save your relationships, your team, your partnership and your business.

Each party is able to engage fully with the mediator and the process, and have equal input into the outcome. Mediated outcomes become agreements between and among parties that create a new basis of interaction. Mediation is a non-binding negotiation.

"Mediation is a powerful process for creating new pathways to successful interaction while putting old issues to rest.
The resulting settlements save the parties substantial time, energy, expense and stress."

- Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

For further information about the mediation process and engaging Dr. Shaler to help you with your relationships, visit:

Mediation Services at Optimize Center



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