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[su_row][su_column size="2/3"]Your relationship with your partner is foundational to your life and your well-being.

There is nothing as fulfilling as a wonderful, mutually-supportive relationship! You know it on those days, years or moments when you feel loved, understood, accepted and cherished.

And, if by chance it is not fulfilling, you are missing the richness that a loving, respectful, honest and trusting partnership offers you both. Don't miss out. It's available to you.

The Kaizen for Couples programs offer you the guidance you need to discover, uncover and recover the love, trust and intimacy you deserve to create together.[/su_column] [su_column size="1/3"] [su_button url="https://app.acuityscheduling.com/catalog.php?owner=11271364&action=addCart&id=14821" style="flat" background="#8bb43f" size="8" wide="yes" center="yes" icon="icon: heart"]Start strengthening your relationship today. Book Now.[/su_button] [/su_column][/su_row] [su_divider top="no"]


The guided process of growing love, trust and intimacy in game-free, non-manipulative ways

You want to be known, to be seen, heard, appreciated, cherished and loved.  So does your partner.  In the deepest places in your hearts, you both want that.

It's what you long for: walking with that one special person, your partner, where you are both safe to be vulnerable, transparent and "a work in progress".

We each need that one safe haven we can create for each other. Kaizen for Couples takes you there.

The most important gift you can give your relationship--and your partner--is the willingness to walk with them through the KAIZEN FOR COUPLES program.

You will be systematically moving towards a more loving, fulfilling and cherishing relationship with small changes that will grow and last.

I created this program to give you both a safe place to learn, grow, change and flourish together.

You would not be looking at this program if all was as you want it to be in your relationship. I know. You may have been reading books and scouring websites for insights, strategies and inspiration to help. That might be how you arrived here!

After thirty years of working with couples, I know that it takes willingness, time and commitment to grow your relationship. Sometimes clients come to me and want everything fixed in a session or two.  That doesn't work.

Relationships grow apart or go sideways over time, in small ways and large. Giving you a new map and a new direction also takes time. That's why I created the KAIZEN FOR COUPLES  programs.

If you know right now that you are ready to take great steps to improving the love, trust and intimacy in your relationship, commit to the KAIZEN FOR COUPLES program with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler right now. Simply CLICK HERE. 


To have the "ah-ha's" and insights you need, and to make the small, but significant, changes that make all the difference takes time. It means changing your relationship gently, step-by-step. It requires willingness, patience and commitment to the process.

(Yes, sometimes that looks like the cha-cha: two steps forward, one step back. And, even the cha-cha gets you around the room!)


  • give you more than hope that your relationship can survive
  • give you relief from the loneliness that a struggling relationship can create
  • give you what you need to fill in the gap between what you really want and what you now have in your relationship
  • give you what you need to know to talk well together
  • give you the ability to actually solve problems together
  • give you peace from past mistakes, misdeeds and insensitivity
  • give you the tools, insights and systems to help your relationship thrive

SOME RESULTS:  Engaging in the KAIZEN FOR COUPLES program, couples who were seriously thinking about divorce have rediscovered their love and developed the skills to create a renewed commitment to one another.  Other couples have learned and developed the abilities to put the past behind them and rekindle their love and re-ignite their desire to fully engage with their partners.

KAIZEN FOR COUPLES is also an excellent program for those considering marriage or cohabitation. It makes ALL the difference when the excitement of the big decision or the Big Day turns into the daily life of a committed couple!

Be empowered to build your life together on honesty, trust and respect using the KAIZEN FOR COUPLES principles, insights and strategies.--whether you are just beginning together, have been together for years, OR have difficulty overcoming major obstacles.

roots of relationship, reclaiming hope, restoring relationship, deepening emotional intimacyWhat this KAIZEN FOR COUPLES Program includes:

  • Online Relationship Checklist
  • Two downloadable copies of KAIZEN FOR COUPLES: Smart Steps to Save, Sustain & Strengthen Your Relationship,
  • An "Uncover & Discover" couples' session
  • Two individual sessions for each partner
  • A customized educational webinar
  • Five joint couples' sessions
  • Downloadable materials if required
  • One weekly direct email questions to Dr. Shaler for each partner to help along the way as issues emerge.

This program is available in-person for those able to travel to Escondido, CA, and online for those further away.  The online program uses Zoom for private, secure video conferencing from wherever you are.

When you are ready to take this remarkable journey to having the relationship that enriches, satisfies and fulfills you, talk with Dr. Shaler.  You can book an introductory session to discuss your situation and how, exactly, the Kaizen for Couples program can help you best.


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