Work with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor, specializes in working with the partners, exes, adult children & co-workers of the relentlessly difficult people she calls them “Hijackals®.”


Get relationship help now for yourself if you suspect you are living with, or divorced from a high conflict person.Tired of not being treated with respect?

Tired of tiptoeing around people to avoid conflict & confrontation?

Tired of the frustration of not resolving long-standing issues?

Tired of fear or anxiety about relationships issues?

Tired of being tired? Being upset? Being used or, even, abused?

Tired of worrying about the cost of getting expert help to resolve issues?

AND MOST IMPORTANT…Tired of putting off relationship problems that drag you down and wear you out?


Get the help you need.

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler will work with you to resolve your relationship problems, or, to gather new insights and skills to shift your relationship from good to great…or gone, if that’s the next best step for you.

She can help you create new agreements you can live with, together or apart.

When you are ready to solve, resolve or recover from relationships issues, whether they are:

  • within yourself,
  • with your spouse or life partner
  • with your family
  • within your organization or community group
  • with the folks you work with every day
  • with aging parents and their care

You are ready to work with me, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler,  directly.  I will bring the insights, questions, expertise, experience and peaceful approach that will help you to find the best solutions for your relationship problems….whether you need to resolve them to come closer, or to resolve them to part.

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personal counseling

Personal Relationship Consulting & Education | San Diego & Everywhere by Video Conferencing

THOUGHTS ON PRIVATE SESSIONS to help you Resolve Relationship Problems within yourself, with others at home and at work…. Sometimes we tend to think of working with a professional as a last resort, the place we go that shows the problem is bigger than our skill set and that somehow we have failed. I have a different Read More > >

When your relationship simply isn’t “working” anymore, or “they’ve changed” or “they won’t change” or “the spark is gone”… it’s time for relationship help.

Dr. Rhoberta ShalerThe best way to get relationship help is to work together and individually with an experienced professional who is honest, fair, peaceful and dedicated to helping you reach the very best outcome for you and your partner.

“Best outcome” means different things for every relationship, and Dr. Shaler has “been there”. She knows relationships, and parenting (even grandparenting), and her 30+ years as a relationship consultant, educator, and professional mediator offers you the insights, skills, questions, expertise, experience  and calm approach that will help you to find the best solutions for your relationship problems….whether you need to resolve them to come closer, or to resolve them to part.

Private sessions available in her office  or through Skype or Zoom


If you know that expert relationship help is your next best step and are ready to start, you can schedule a free few minutes with me to see how I can help.