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Women, you truly do have advantages--eight, in fact-- that work well for creating better relationships at home, in business and at work. Bringing these advantages to mind and reflecting on them within yourself is a worthwhile endeavor. I invite you to take that time to invest in yourself.

It would be so easy to say,

"Yeah, so?"

But, these are really valuable. So, I've created an e-book to lead you to consider each advantage. First, I've included some very important differences between men and women to set the stage for the advantages. Some of these differences may surprise you.

In the last forty years, women have transitioned into the work place in ways very few had done before. Yes, we still earn less than our male counterparts overall, however, we are doing better.

One big part of that transition was going through that horrible (was it necessary?) period when we were told to dress, look and act like men in order to succeed. Yes, I did buy Dress for Success and I read it...several times. I wore plain suits and sensible heels in order for "men to take me seriously." And, then, I realized--fortunately sooner than later--that men took me seriously when I believed I was as bright, creative, and well-informed as they thought they were, and that I had much to contribute. If they were evolved enough to collaborate with another person who could bring much to the journey to success, gender was a non-issue.

Now, I could go on, but I just want to invite you to read the e-book, Getting to the Heart of Relationships: Eight Advantages Women Have in Creating Better Relationships - At Home, At Work & in Business. You can download it on the homepage of www.SowPeace.com by clicking on "Free E-Book" in the navigation bar. Enjoy!

I hope you'll reflect on the ideas and then take the time to send along your comments in the box below.

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