Why Narcissists Lie, Delay & Deny

SO FRUSTRATING! When you are with a narcissist or any kind of a Hijackal, you know that they use these three tactics to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Hijackals hate accountability, and will do anything to squirm out of it. They lie, delay, and deny. But why?

You likely have many ideas about why and I wanted to give you others. Hopefully, these insights will help you to see the depth of the insecurity and instability that is basic to narcissistic people. Yes, they don’t seem insecure but they are. They often cover it well with arrogance and entitlement, however, it’s still there and operating under the surface.


  • Narcissistic people need to put on a good show…and a false front
  • Why lying, delaying, and denying helps narcissists and other Hijackals think they are in control and have power over you.
  • The futility of thinking that narcissistic people will change
  • The infuriating denial to make themselves right
  • What’s up with the plausible lies and plausibe denials

I’m here to help. Let’s talk soon.


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