Why Narcissistic People Hijack Holidays & Ruin Celebrations

You can always count on a #Hijackal to ruin things, especially happy things for you or other people. Here's why, and some tips for healthy responses!


  • 7 sad reasons that narcissistic people ruin celebrations and #Hijackals ruin the holidays
  • Knowing why they do it, what you can do
  • How being emotionally prepared for things to go wrong helps
  • How being physically prepared for when things go sideways in the holidays helps
  • Remember, it's not your fault
  • Why no amount of trying to please a narcissistic person will work

It's common for Hijackals to ruin holidays. Narcissistic folks can be counted on to do it, too.

What's up with that? They'll do it for any celebration.

This episode will help you understand why it happens, AND offers practical suggestions for responding to it in healthier ways.

You don't want to dread the holidays, yet that often happens. You just know that things are going to be tense, at a minimum, right?

There are reasons why these sad folks get so mean around the holidays, or any celebration that is not focused on them.

IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! Listen in and take this to heart. It will save you heartache!

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