What’s Narcissistic? What’s Self-Centered? What’s Healthy?

The term "narcissistic" is used too commonly now, in my opinion. When people even talk about themselves a little too much for your liking, you may label it "narcissistic."


  • Defining narcissistic tendencies
  • Defining self-centered behaviors
  • Distinctions between narcissistic vs self-centered
  • Why the distinction is important
  • What healthy behaviors are that are neither narcissistic nor self-centered
  • Learn to see the red flags and to know what they signal

It's important to be able to tell the differences among people who are narcissistic, people who are self-centered, and those who are healthy and maybe having a bad day. Why? Because they require different responses.

Both narcissistic and self-centered people talk about themselves more than most folks are comfortable with, for sure. But one is truly empathic, and one is not. Bets? One has a regard for others, the other does not. Hmmm....I wonder which?

A person doesn't need to be diagnosable to have narcissistic tendencies that make them difficult, if not nearly impossible, to want to live with. If you've experienced that, you may fear the same when you meet a self-centered person. That's where today's distinctions can help you greatly.

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