What is harassment? Are you being harassed?

Posted on February 4th, 2010, by DrShaler
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MPj02274990000[1]Personal harassment takes place when a person who supervises, or is in a position of authority, exercises that authority in a manner which serves no legitimate work purpose and which ought reasonably be known to be inappropriate. It does not include action taken, in good faith, that falls in the purview of the employer’s managerial/supervisorial rights and responsibilities.

How do you know if you’re being harassed? Here are three key ways:

  1. A supervisor constantly belittles you with remarks like “You’re so stupid.” or “This is the worst work I’ve ever seen!”
  2. A supervisor treats you significantly differently from other people doing the same work such as being over-controlling, micro-managing, denying training opportunities.
  3. A supervisor makes demeaning remarks about you to anyone else in the organization.

Are you being harassed?

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