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Support Circle Membership gives you access to*:

  • Access our private discussion groups facilitated by me, Dr. Shaler
  • 21 Steps to Empowered Emotional Savvy self-study program, delivered by email over 47 days
  • Access our “Relationship FAQs”
  • Download free audio Booster Shots
  • Allies & a support network
  • A personal profile viewable by members only

Other Features:

  • Membership application is thorough to provide optimal safety.
  • A safe space with others who have had similar experiences
  • Moderated by Dr. Shaler, personally.
  • A safe place. No Facebook or any other social media required to participate.

We want all members to be safe and to feel secure.

That is why we have chosen to provide a private sanctuary for you.  This is a place for people who are struggling in relationship with a Hijackal®, a relentlessly difficult, toxic person

If the Hijackal is your spouse, your ex, your parent, your boss, or friend,  friend, or someone you feel you HAVE to communicate and spend time with, or are not ready to release from your life–then, you are in the right place to get support.

AND, you’re also in the right place if you are leaving, or have left a Hijackal and need and want expert information and support through the aftermath and the healing.  

Choosing to become a member also indicates that you have read, and understand, the disclaimer below.

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Dr. Shaler reserves the sole right to decline membership to anyone she feels would be unsafe or create an uncomfortable environment. Dr. Shaler may choose to have a conversation with you before allowing entry to Emotional Savvy Circle.

Members who choose not to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to this space will have their membership terminated with no notice and no refunds.

AFTER you have created your profile and Dr. Shaler has reviewed it, you will receive an activation notice to begin using Optimize Circles.

Membership is subject to the following conditions, you: 

  1. Complete all required registration fields.

  2. Agree to complete confidentiality – what happens in the Optimize Circle stays in the Circle.

  3. Agree to a culture of mutual respect, politeness, empathy and support. Members who demonstrate they are unable to have respectful and supportive dialogue will be ejected without discussion nor refunds.

  4. Agree to only disclose only what you are comfortable discussing with others.  Be thoughtful in your sharing to get the support and responses that will be helpful to you and others. 

  5. Agree to use non-violent language. This is a safe place, and many folks may be recovering from highly-traumatic situations and relationships. Be considerate of your fellow members.

  6. If you are sharing very sensitive information that might trigger someone’s past trauma, please  do share,  AND put “TRIGGER WARNING” at the top of your post and leave a few blank lines before your post begins. This gives people the opportunity to not see it when they are feeling vulnerable. You are welcome to post, and by doing this, other people can choose to read it or not. 

  7.  If you need insights, information, or help that you do not want to share with the group, know that you can make an appointment to talk with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler at any time. 

The information collected below is ONLY visible to YOU and Dr. Shaler. It will not be public or viewable to other members,  at any time.

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