What an amazing gift to give one another: creating new pathways to deeper emotional intimacy!

Whoo-hoo! Happy Valentine's!

Have you shied away from some underlying issues in your relationship? Whew! That wastes a lot of energy! 

When you both want the best for your relationship–and, to be seen, heard, known, acknowledged, accepted, and appreciated in the process–you actually love each other. 

Wanting the best relationship possible shows that you love yourself! 

This year, make Valentine's last !

Solve issues.
Deepen communication.

Manage conflict constructively.
Feel closer.

AND, create the elements you can count on to have a continuously enriching: the honesty, safety, trust, respect, and reliability of a Kaizen for Couples™ relationship now.

Use this Valentine's Day gift--and save $500--to enrich your life together by:

This program is for you if you seriously want to be clear about your next best steps, secure in your decisions, and confident to move forward.

This package also gives you the opportunity for each of you to ask two email questions each week between sessions,ALSO, with this package, you are not charged further if your session extends longer than one hour.

Are you to that intimacy you long for?

Let's work together now with this Valentine's Special opportunity: 

16 One-hour sessions with me through video conferencing, right from your computer!  

Save $500 when you purchase this Valentine’s, before February 18, 2019 at midnight PST. 

Don’t wait! You’ve likely done that already and things did not improve, right? Do it now! 

Use coupon code: K4CLOVE500


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