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Dr. Shaler gives great video

As a professional speaker, who also spent years in front of classroom & lecture-hall audiences and started her career on TV variety shows and theater stages, Dr. Shaler is a natural at video.

If you are looking for an on-camera presenter or video-training facilitator, you will find her fluid and articulate with a direct connection to your audience.

In Expert Panel Discussions for with John Gray, Charles J. Orlando, Shannon Rios Paulsen, Jennifer Maddox… Quickies!

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She’s an engaging speaker & interviewer

Her weekly 1-hour show on gets great listenership with more than 22,000 click throughs on her feed in Jan 2018!

    Plus, she’s given dozens of interviews as a guest on other radio shows & podcasts.

    Like this one, with Dr. Lee Baucom of “Save The Marriage Podcast”


    Or this discussion on Through the Eyes of Women, with Emma Breacain


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