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Are you with someone who is:


Toxic people--narcissists, borderlines, anti-socials, even some passive-aggressive folks--are not going to care much about how you're feeling, or, what you think, need or want. They have little to no real interest in your experience of life. They do have uses for you, though.

You may turn yourself into a doormat to please them, and they still won't care.

Emotionally Impaired

People who cannot or will not see, acknowledge, or engage with their emotions, and have little ability to deal with yours in a relationship. They may be fearful, passive, aggressive, hypersensitive, shut down, or simply unequipped to be in an equal, reciprocal, mutual relationship.

They can develop greater insights and skills if they are willing.

Coercively Controlling

Toxic, frightening people who need to dominate you, even in the smallest ways. They are competitive, isolating, manipulative, fear-inspiring, deceitful, degrading, suspicious, and, of course, endlessly controlling.

These people do not see a need to change and will undermine you in every way. Charming in public: nasty in private.

There is no nice way to say this. 

If you are in a relationship with someone who fits into a description above, you are in an abusive relationship. Period.

So the next step is… What do you do about that?


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