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Tag Archives: relentless difficult people

Your bonus eBook from Dr. Shaler

Welcome! I’m so glad you are following up on your amazing Summit bonuses. You’re wise to do that. Many people miss out. But obviously, you care about yourself, and you are willing to take the next steps to creating your best life and relationships. Yay, you! This ebook gives you clear indicators of what you Read More > >

Free eBook – How to Spot a Hijackal

Welcome! We’re delighted you’ve joined us. Here is your bonus from Dr. Shaler A Hijackal®–a relentlessly difficult person–can make you feel crazy and make you second-guess yourself. I can help you take back your power and your sanity, and… Know you’re not to blame Experience joy and freedom again Understand why you feel alienated Rebuild your self-esteem Feel safe Read More > >


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