Housebound With A Hijackal? 10 Truths About Them You Can’t Change

Trying to change these ten things about a Hijackal is impossible. Nothing you say will change them. Save your breath. Take them to heart right now, especially when housebound! with them Still Housebound with a #Hijackal? Did the first moment you realized that you might be quarantined with a Hijackal parent or partner send shivers through […]

Housebound With A Hijackal? 4 Life-Saving, Immediate Antidotes To Their Toxicity

Hijackals are crazy-making, and in trying times, they get worse! If you’re spending more time than usual at home with one, you need these positive internal responses to that crazy-making to balance you and save your sanity. Still stuck with too much time up close and personal with a #narcissistic #Hijackal? That can be so […]