Successful Consultant Shares Her Story and Steps To Recovery From Toxic Relationships

Take heart and be inspired by Christie’s story of her journey to recovery and success after abuse. Great insights into how to shorten the healing journey, too.

An inspiring story of recovery and success after abuse in a toxic relationship! You’ll be motivated by what my guest, Christie Lawler, shares. What she walked through, and went on to create is uplifting and positive. Just what you need to hear today? Probably!


  • Christie shares her story of recovery and success after a toxic relationship
  • Sexual assault in the workplace
  • Getting clear that being abused is not your fault
  • Why it takes a long time to recover, so be gentle with yourself
  • How working with an experienced therapist is an important part of recovery
  • How Christie thrives in her consulting work in what she calls the “eatertainment space”

Christie Lawler is a successful consultant in what she calls the “eatertainment space.” Very clever! She has thrived, but she walked through a lot of pain, second-guessing, and wondering. Being in a toxic relationship is confusing, and it has an aftermath, for sure!

Christie shares how she recovered, and why it took a long time. (That’s common, and usually necessary when it’s done well.) Learn from her story because, as you will hear, she didn’t focus on healing as her first step. Many folks don’t. But, not dealing with abuse in toxic relationships is unwise. You need to get help to heal, and Christie did.

Be inspired by her candid story, and what she has gone on to achieve.


Christie is the founder and owner of her own marketing agency, CJL CONSULTiNG as well as the founder of her company’s non-profit arm, The WITI Group. She is the host of the Lawler Out Loud: Mixing up the Mainstream podcast, The WITI Conference, creator of WITI on the Web educational webinar series and is publishing her first book.

Christie founded CJL CONSULTiNG in 2009 while completing her MBA as a way to stay engaged in her career while completing her studies. As Founder & Owner of CJL CONSULTiNG, Christie supports clients by creating beverage marketing and training programs for the likes of Alamo Drafthouse, American Social, Arcis Golf, Drive Shack and Flagship Restaurant Group. Christie is also the host of Lawler Out Loud: Mixing up the Mainstream – a weekly podcast featuring trendsetters and newsmakers around the hospitality industry.



PODCAST: Lawler Out Loud: Mixing up the Mainstream




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