q-100Dear Dr. Shaler-
For awhile I’ve been thinking about moving to Ft Lauderdale and I feel like my parents only talk down to me about my decision rather than supporting me.

They would say “your not ready” “you will live in the ghetto”. Like I shouldn’t be hearing that when I need motivation to make that happen.

My Godmother is the only person who is pushing me to that goal. I know that right now I’m not financially ready but in time I will be and all I want is my parents to be there. What should I do???



It’s difficult when you think you have a good idea and there is little support for it.

That leads to two answers on my part:

  1. Listen to your parents reasons and see if they have valid concerns. Perhaps you are so in love with the idea of moving that you are overlooking tendencies you have that they can see or remember. If your Godmother sees you differently, ask her what she sees in you that allows her to support you.  In other words, have an open mind and learn from your parents and Godmother. Then, take it seriously into consideration and make a good plan.
  2. Demonstrate to your parents that you have a concrete plan that includes preparation financially. That will help them see that you have a good head on your shoulders and you’re not just leaping into some romantic idea of a fresh start or new life, but that you are serious about it.  I think they will come around when you demonstrate rather than talk about it!

I wish you well.
Dr. Shaler


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