q-100I have recently realised that I am a Passive aggressive person & I really want to fix this thing.

I don’t want to hurt the people I love the most.
Please help me deal with this personality disorder of mine.




Good for you! Recognizing passive-aggressive tendencies in yourself is difficult and admitting that you have them when others point them out is courageous.

I am happy to help you. We can work together to help you understand the underpinnings of passive-aggressive behavior,  and create new patterns that will improve all your relationships. If you are near San Diego County, we can work in-person, if not we can work through Skype video.  It’s easy to schedule an appointment with me as you can do it yourself online by CLICKING HERE.

In the meantime, take my free Passive-Aggressive Checklist with yourself in mind as you do it. Then, read my ebook, Stop! That’s Crazy-Making to become more familiar with the patterns of passive-aggression.

Again, congratulations! Realizing that you have passive-aggressive tendencies is the first major step in improving your relationship with yourself and those you care about.

I wish you well.
Dr. Shaler

You can get insights and strategies you need by subscribing to my blog, The Relationship Help Blog, HERE.  It is searchable so you can find exactly what you need fast.

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