q-100How do I have a normal conversation with my husband?  He’s a contrarian.  When I express an opinion he says the opposite.  He’ll argue that he’s right until someone can prove otherwise.  I’m exhausted and angry.  I want a friend who I can talk to, not someone looking to say opposite all the time.




It is exhausting to be with a consistent contrarian.  I have a few insights for you to consider:

  • Does he generally have a high need to be right in every circumstance?
  • Will he change his opinion in order to be “right” or “to win”?
  • Does he enjoy debate and want to engage you?
  • Or, does he enjoy provoking you and creating distance?
  • Has this always been his style or is this new?
  • Have you discussed this with him, and how did it go, if you did?
  • Does he see a problem?
  • Does he do this with other people, or mainly with you?
  • Does he have problems with this at work?
  • Is there any closeness in your relationship at all now?

If you would give me those further responses, I’ll be happy to answer you in a hopefully useful way.

Talk soon.

Dr. Shaler

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