q-100I’m interested in this guy who never texts me first so I’m always the one starting the conversations. I want to say something without being needy but I’m not sure on what I should do.  I understand that he’s busy with work but when I talk to him its like I reached him at a bad time. He gave me his number so I thought that he would like to know more about me but its the other way around. I’m tired of being the one making moves and I’m just wondering what is he all about. My question is should I approach him about my issue? If yes then can you tell me what to say. Do you think I shouldn’t tell him but to move on. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.




Your first sentence is your first clue to what to do. If you are always the initiator, this guy is not ready for anything. He’s not really interested, but is likely enjoying the power of having you coming to him without him doing anything.

Best idea is to learn an important lesson or two here:  First, it’s not likely that it is about him being busy at work.  He like the homage of being texted first: he feels important, powerful and attractive. Second, he is clearly telling you that you can do all the work and he gets to sit back and decide whether to respond.

This is a good example of a guy telling you who he is. What he is broadcasting by his behavior makes him undesirable in my opinion. Who wants someone who wants you to do all the work?

I wish you well.
Dr. Shaler

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