q-100A like this guy named “P” and i met him last week. He gave me his number and we’ve been texting. In beginning he would call me and now im the one who texts him first most of the time. I know that he has other things going on with his life but im thinking i should pull back, and let him text me. In the back of my mind i dont want to do thst because i dont want him to assume that im not interested in him. What should i do??




You are wisely asking this question.  Good for you!

Yes, people are busy; BUT, people make time for what they care about. So, the answer for you is simple: send him a text saying you know he is busy and that you would love to hear from him, AND, that you will be leaving it to him to text you if he feels that way, too.  Then, just watch what he does. What people DO is much more important than what people SAY!

I wish you well.
Dr. Shaler

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