I had a relationship with a women whom I love , she got married(family reason) but she loved me , so we still talk almost daily .

She is happy in her marriage now, but we still talk.

Whenever she asks for help I help her but when I asks for help she sometimes help sometimes doesn’t and this makes me angry and we fight and stop talking , this makes me sad and I want to talk to her after a day of our fight . Fight matter has occurred 2-3 times . I am confused what to do, If I don’t talk to her I get very sad.

Please give your some time to answer .Say anything but answer .



Even though it would make you very sad to end this relationship, it may be the best thing to do. She chose to marry her family’s choice, and you say she is happy in her marriage.

It seems she gets things from her relationship with you that she wants, yet she is not in a place or space to be able to reciprocate. That means the relationship will always be one-sided, to a degree, and that seems to be unacceptable to you because you want more from and of her.

For those reasons, I suggest you find a woman who shares your values, your vision for life, your beliefs and your outlook…and is available. It’s sad that this happened, but she told you all you really needed to know when she married.

I wish you well.
Dr. Shaler

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