My ex is crazy.



So me and my ex were together for 3 years and hes 21 and left me for a 17 year old highschool senior. It’s been almost a year and he’s come back every month or 2 wanting to see me but then going right back to her. Eventually I was done with that and found a new guy

We were together for a month when my ex came back and he didn’t know about him at first but he was crying to me wanting me back and when he found out about the other guy he cried even more. He cried to me and regretted everything and telling me he wished he could go back and fix things and this girl is nothing to him for over 3 weeks, calling me every morning day and night crying to me. After awhile I took him back and ruined things with the other guy but after a week of talking with my ex I find out he’s back talking and hanging out with that other girl.. Like seriously?

He told me he just wants to be single and be friends with both of us but it doesn’t work like that. I told him he had to pick or else I’d never talk to him again and he would just get mad and say no. Like he’s rather loose me from his life then stop talking to this girl. I don’t get why she’s so special. And I did stop talking to him but he calls me up asking to see me or talk some days but then tells me to f*** off other days its so confusing.

And the last time I had him blocked for 4 days he calls me up begging to see me on my bday which was Wednesday and at first I was like no cause I felt like he was going to spend it with me then ignore me for that other girl again but he texted me and was so nice everyday up til my bday so I eventually agreed and then we went to his friends house and got pretty drunk and he kept kissing me and saying he loves me and how he really wants to date me but just can’t right now. And instead of just going home he wanted to get a hotel and just cuddle with me all night he said and so we did and it was honestly such an amazing night.

But then at 7am he wakes me up and says he wants to go home and I was really confused but I took him and now he’s texting me saying he wants nothing to do with me and that he has no feelings for me and doesn’t like me at all and never did and how I’m just an ugly crazy bitch.. I don’t get what happened… And I literally didn’t do anything to him. Why would he do this and does he really mean that stuff?




This is good learning for you.  This guy is not only very confused, but is showing signs of being a high-conflict person.  (Learn more at my site : www.highconflictmanagement.comsurvey questionnaire

The best advice I can give you is simple: RUN, do not walk, RUN out of this relationship. Have nothing further to do with him.  Unless you want a completely confusing, conflict-ridden, “push-me-pull-me” uncertain life.

I think that’s probably as clear as I can make it.  And, get yourself some good professional help to understand why you would even consider having this man back in your life, even for a minute.

I wish you well.

Dr. Shaler

If you want to talk with me, you can schedule an appointment yourself HERE. 

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