I need advice. I am doing everything wrong!!! His adult daughter is a narc, he is a flying monkey, I am an empath. For 10 long years, I have been her target. I’ve done everything I can to make this work but it is never enough. The final straw is that I am not invited […]

Is it me?

The more I read about narcissism ….the more I question if that is who I am . My ex has accused me of being this. I always thought I was a good person … every body I have ever known has always thought me to be a kind thoughtful person … but now am wondering […]

I love my partner, but I did something online – is that cheating?

Hello. A couple days ago I Skyped with a friend and I ended up showing my genitals. I am not in a relationship with this person but I am in a relationship with someone else. I admit I was horny and I could have controlled myself, but I went along and just showed it. Afterwards […]

Is it possible he really cannot get why I am leaving him??

My husband isn’t a bad man. He’s just a little boy in a man’s body that requires a mother not a lover. He’s been a spoilt temper throwing passive agressive man whos not worked and claims hes got enough to do around the house while I work full time and do all the housework and […]

This really bothers me when he talks to these other girls..

I am living with a Guy that has a lot if girls as friends. He knows them from high school and college. There are a couple he talks to that really bothers me.  One if them is mad at him because he isn’t giving her enough attention while she is going through stuff in her […]