I know I need to change, I just don’t know HOW

can you suggest some steps for doing the WORK that you KNOW you have to do (within) but just can’t seem to get done??? i know i have a lot to fix in myself – trust issues, communication issues, assertiveness issues… and i just can’t seem to make the changes. it’s really frustrating… i WANT […]

I just found out that I’m a high-conflict person..

Dear Rhoberta, My name is G and i’m 25 years old. I just found out that I’m a high-conflict person. After continuing fights with my boyfriend (we are together for a half a year) I had to realized that something is seriously wrong with me and if I don’t do anything, it’s going to end […]

How do I NOT get caught up in passive-aggressive behavior?

  How do I not get caught up in a relatives passive aggressive personality?       Hi, You ask a good question: how not to get caught up in a relative’s passive-aggressive behaviors. It takes two to play the passive-aggressive game. When you step back, set clear boundaries and maintain them, you withdraw from […]

My grandpa died, and I didn’t cry – is that normal??

My grandfather has just died and all evidence points to that he killed himself. When my father found out, he started bawling, but I was perfectly fine! This was my absolute favorite grandpa as well! I did almost cry but it wasn’t hard holding it back, and the at the most is I’m going to […]

I recognize I am passive aggressive – now what?

I have recently realised that I am a Passive aggressive person & I really want to fix this thing. I don’t want to hurt the people I love the most. Please help me deal with this personality disorder of mine.     Hello, Good for you! Recognizing passive-aggressive tendencies in yourself is difficult and admitting […]

I want to make a big life change, but my parents keep talking me out of it

Dear Dr. Shaler- For awhile I’ve been thinking about moving to Ft Lauderdale and I feel like my parents only talk down to me about my decision rather than supporting me. They would say “your not ready” “you will live in the ghetto”. Like I shouldn’t be hearing that when I need motivation to make […]

I failed a course, and now I’m afraid my bf will leave me…

I wanted to ask for your advice just to see what you would say… I recently failed some classes that I was suppose to get a C or higher in order to get into my program for school starting this FALL but the thing is I will not be able to due to me getting […]