I can’t stand my mother in law.

I can’t stand my mother in law. She is a very rude and insensitive person who is never happy with anything. Before I had a baby I could deal with it because I limited my interaction. But since having a baby I need to be around her more and even worse, my baby needs to […]

My bullying brother-in-law and my desire to not feel powerless

Dear Dr. Rhoberta, When I was 25, I had an affair with my 40 year old single boss. We later broke up acrimoniously and I moved on. I blocked him from Facebook and all social media later. Now I am happily married, with children, to another man for the past 12 years. My problem is that, […]

I want to make a big life change, but my parents keep talking me out of it

Dear Dr. Shaler- For awhile I’ve been thinking about moving to Ft Lauderdale and I feel like my parents only talk down to me about my decision rather than supporting me. They would say “your not ready” “you will live in the ghetto”. Like I shouldn’t be hearing that when I need motivation to make […]