What To Do When You’re Feeling Beat Up By Other People

feeling beat up by other people

Do you ever have a day when you  don’t feeling like risking getting out of bed in the morning? I’m talking about feelings, not about facts. You could be the president of the United States and know that it is fact that it matters if you get up, but you still don’t feel like it! […]

You Are What You Do [Video]

you are what you do

Here’s an insightful story–an example of a client’s learning–that illustrates the truth of the title of this blog. Who you are truly is what you do…and, there is no escaping that fact, no matter how you justify it! Read on…

Competitive People Compete In Relationships

competitive people in relationships

Competitive people have relationships, too. Focused on winning in your relationship? That sets you up as opposing forces, battling to win. Competitive people sometimes forget that’s not what creates great, stable, long-term relationships. You need to become a joint force, a team. You and your partner doing life together. That’s the basis you need to […]

Manage Anger Or It Will Manage You!

Get relationship help now for yourself if you suspect you are living with, or divorced from a high conflict person.

When people come to me for anger management coaching and classes, they often say: “I don’t like who I am when I let my anger fly!”  They are disappointed, embarrassed, humiliated, and/or, having to mop up a big spill of emotions that didn’t need to happen. You might say, “Yes, it did! I just couldn’t stand […]

Do You Want to Keep Your Limitations?


Richard Bach wrote this remarkable line: “Argue for your limitations and they are yours.”  It has had a great impact on my life. How many times have you made a case for why you couldn’t possible do something? And then, you were proven right. You couldn’t!  Was it actually about circumstances or other people, or […]

Stop Blaming Others: Why You Need To Give Up The Blame Game.

no winner at the blame game

Have you noticed that, when anything negative, unpleasant or embarrassing happens, people look for something or someone to blame? Even if they trip on the sidewalk, it’s the city’s fault, or bad workmanship, or the Universe out to get them! What about thinking about their part in it?  Not so much! How about you? Are […]

Am I Seeing A Passive-Aggressive Man?


Passive-aggressive people do passive-aggressive things. Until you say “NO!”, this pattern will continue! Today a woman called the office to ask if there was any hope for her relationship because she really thinks the man she’s involved with is passive-aggressive. She also wanted to get her hands on a copy of my ebook, Stop! That’s […]

Getting Off A High-Conflict Emotional Roller Coaster

high conflict

Is your relationship usually a high conflict roller coaster ride? If it’s always spills and thrills, peaks and valleys, you may be involved with someone with high-conflict traits.  If you can describe your relationship as usually having to be “walking on eggshells”, it’s even more likely. And, it’s exhausting! As you likely know, I often […]

Relationship Help: Is it Positive Commentary Running in Your Head?

relationship help

Do you have a running commentary in your head about everything, and everyone you see?  Glass half full, or glass half empty? What are you seeing and how is it affecting your relationship?  Most folks do have a running commentary–or even relentless judgment–running in their heads. The question is: is it mostly positive, or mostly […]

Am I Living with a Passive-Aggressive Man?

passive-aggressive man

An unlikely, but newsworthy, top story: “Passive-aggressive men drive their partners crazy daily!” Are you being driven crazy by the behaviors of a passive-aggressive man? Read below and see. Yes, of course, passive-aggressive behaviors are not limited to men. But for today’s post, I want to focus on them because, often, we women have deep-seated inclinations […]