It's going to be a great day. The turkey is browning, the gravy is made and the family and friends are in a generous, loving mood. After enjoying the wonderful meal, the tradition of going around the table and sharing our "gratitudes" warms our hearts. Thanksgiving: a great start!

What if Thanksgiving was the beginning of a new commitment each year to Thanksliving? Living from gratitude, that is. Looking for things to be grateful for. Catching people doing things right. What would that do to our relationships and our hearts?

This year, let's focus on, and speak about, what is going well, what we enjoy, what's working, and whom we love and/or appreciate. Let's do it everyday. Let's sow peace*. And, then, next year, let's get together and see the changes such a year brings to us.

Are you in? Great!


Things you can do:

Take a moment to comment on this blog below and share with us the three things you are most grateful for today. We can all expand our awareness of gratitude by reading everyone's comments. And, it's OK to cheat and become grateful for some of the wonderful things others have made us conscious of, too. ..lol.

Happy Thanksliving!



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