Save Your Sanity! The 5-week Passive-Aggressive Immunity Clinic

Save Your Sanity! The 5-week Passive-Aggressive Immunity Clinic

This 5-week online program (1 hour a week) will help you to Manage Passive-Aggressive Behaviors by changing your own understanding, insights, responses & skills and significantly reduce your frustration!


Say No to Passive-Aggressive Behaviors NowLearn how to say “NO!” to passive-aggressive behaviors coming your way, at home and at work.

A2015-RHD-paclinicnd invaluable, practical 5 week program that you can take from anywhere.

This will help you to Manage Passive-Aggressive Behaviors by changing your own understanding, insights, responses & skills and significantly reduce your frustration!

Join me, Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor to help you quit the passive-aggressive game…and save your sanity!

  • I’ll share with you the insights you need to manage passive-aggressive behavior assertively, anywhere.
  • I’ll share with you the things I’ve learned, not only from my training as a psychologist and mediator, but from being raised by, and previously married to, passive-aggressive people! Believe me, I learned the hard way and I can make it easier for you.

MC900441310[1]You will have opportunities during each session to ask your questions, and get specific answers to help you make positive changes.

Being in relationship with a person with passive-aggressive traits can be crazy-making. And, you really do think there is something wrong with you rather than the other person. That’s where they “get” you. That’s why it’s crazy-making. And, it has to–and can–stop.


This confidential 5 session (each 60 minutes) program gives you the:

  • understanding what IS and ISN’T passive-aggressive
  • what’s going on for the person demonstrating the passive-aggressive tendencies
  • specific skills for recognizing passive-aggressive behavior WHEN IT IS HAPPENING
  • proven strategies  for taking yourself out of the passive-aggressive game
  • how to set, express & maintain clear boundaries
  • practical solutions for changing your thinking and your approach to passive-aggressive people
  • professional support so that you know you’re not losing your sanity
  • PLUS 15-minute Q&A at the end of each 45 minute module AND the full 60 minutes of Q&A of session 5.

At the end, you’ll know how to stop playing the passive-aggressive game and significantly reduce the frustration of living or working with those who want to play.



Have you taken my free Passive-Aggressive Checklist with your person in mind? Do that to help you prepare for the SAVE YOUR SANITY! Program:  CLICK HERE.   That will immediately give you greater insight into whether are not the behaviors that are crazy-making to you are actually passive-aggressive in nature.

It takes two to play and the skills you will develop as a result of this webinar with help you refuse to play anymore.
You’ll  be able to:

  • Reduce your stress
  • Regain your sense of sanity
  • Release resentment
  • Recognize what’s happening when passive-aggressive behavior presents itself
  • Respond in appropriate, healthy ways
  • Recover from having been engaged with the passive-aggressive behavior over time

Evolutionary group coaching program for women entreprenerus in Escondido, CA at the Optimize CenterIt takes strength to stop this game, and you can get the support you need by taking this program with me–Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor–and staying in touch. I created the checklists to help you, and wrote the ebook, Stop! That’s Crazy-Making: How to Quit the Passive-Aggressive Game.

I personally lead this coaching. It’s limited to only 24 participants so be sure to save your seat now.

 NOTE: Because this is a confidential call where you can ask your specific questions, this call is NOT recorded. So, be sure you can attend before registering as there are no refunds. 

Seating is limited to 24 participants in each Passive-Aggressive Immunity Clinic so that you can get your particular questions answered.  For that reason, you are wise to book your place early.