RECLAIMING HOPE: Renewing Your Rights in Life – Intro Webinar


Did you know that you have unalienable rights in life just because you breathe? Sometimes, our early life with our families, stifles or negates these rights.  You can change that.

Without embracing them or developing them in open, healthy ways, you could be living a much smaller, more restricted, even fearful, life than you can, AND, it can reduce your ability to attract, create, and grow with a partner.

The good news is that, as an adult, you can reclaim them, and live with much more joy, freedom, love, expansion, and self-acceptance.

Renewing Your Rights In Life: This introductory online webinar will give you new insights into what might be holding you back and what can really allow you to experience life and love more fully–for yourself and others. 

The ways you respond to each other are learned, and often, you may not had the most “together,” responsible, loving, accepting, wanting-the-best-for-you teachers, often know as parents. 

You learn so much about who you are and what is expected of you before you even have language. So, things slip in unnoticed and create patterns that may trip you up. The good news is that that can all be changed…if you’re willing to do a little work! 

Improving your relationship skills within yourself and with others just needs you to be willing, open, and ready. Does that describe you now? Are you up for it in 2016? In January of 2016, even…lol? 

There are seven rights* that each one of us needs to have within us and live from. If any are missing, we’re not going to have the life or relationships we most want, we will actually feel as though something is missing.
Those are: 

  • the right to be here 
  • the right to feel
  • the right to act
  • the right to love
  • the right to speak
  • the right to see
  • the right to know

If, during your early years, you had too much or too little validation for these, it could be affecting your life in negative ways. And, for sure, it can create big relationship issues, too. 

Just think, if you–in your heart of hearts–don’t feel that you have the right to be here, to take up space and breathe, it is very difficult to ask for what you need and want in a relationship. Deep down, if you don’t think that you have the right to act to get what you need and want, that can lead to behaving passively, passive-aggressively, or resentfully. You see how important these rights are, then. They are your rights in life. Learn how to embrace them fully. Learn how to benefit from reclaiming them now. 

This introductory webinar is 90 minutes, and allows ample time for Q&A. And, it’s only $29.  REGISTER HERE NOW. Only 24 spots.  Let’s talk soon. 

* These seven rights are from the work of Anodea Judith.