HIJACKAL™ SERIES: Individual Hijackal Recovery Help: For Partners, Exes & Adult Children of Chronically Difficult People


16 Sessions with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor + a two-hour webinar

Reclaim your sanity. Stop the crazy-making and second-guessing yourself. Take back your life and power.

Insights, skills, and strategies to:

> clarify your thinking
> understand the dynamics of your relationship and where the issues lie
> regain your sense of self
> re-establish your values
> set and maintain boundaries
> speak up assertively.
> recognize Hijackal behavior
> separate Hijackal behavior from your behavior
> become strategic in dealing with your Hijackal
> come to peace with never being able to change your Hijackal
> examine and replace patterns that create chronic difficulties
> explore what made you attractive to and attracted by a Hijackal
> know how to help your children not follow the imprints and impact of a Hijackal parent
> relieve yourself of the anxieties, stress, and turmoil that loving or leaving a Hijackal creates.

This program is for you if you seriously want to be clear about your next best steps, strong in your skills, secure in your decisions, and confident to move forward in healthy ways.