Free Half-Hour Relationship Help Consultation, via Zoom


If you want that drama to stop, and are really ready to do the work, get an introductory one-hour session by Zoom video!


Relationships ARE hard, and they SHOULD be work... but drama isn't a requirement. Knowing how to navigate around and away from drama, and get to truth, intimacy, trust and respect is what we all need.

I invite you to book a one-hour introductory consultation with me, to discuss the challenges you are working with in your relationship and how we might be able to solve them together.

There is no obligation whatsoever, and you may find some valuable insights come forward in that short chat.


"Thank you for helping repair our once great relationship.  We both feel strongly it is getting back to where it was because of you.”

“Thank you so much. You were the first person to understand what I’ve been going through with my very difficult partner. Other professionals just didn’t see it. I can breathe again, knowing I’m not crazy and that you can help me!”