3Rs Virtual Relationship Group Coaching Package


With this 8-session package, you’ll have ample time to work through issues, get specific-to-you questions answered, and get the support we all need when walking through difficult relationships.

The small group is limited to twelve people, and the same 12 people will stay together for the full 8 weeks. Because you are helping each other, please do your very best to attend every class to support one another.

90 minutes per week, with a 30-minute webinar and 60-minute live Q&A and conversation. Delivered via Zoom Video Conferencing. 


Ten great reasons you want to participate in the
3Rs  Relationship Group Coaching: Recognizing, Realizing, and Recovering From Hijackals®? 

  1. You want to feel good about yourself, your choices, your future, your skills, and your ability to see red flags immediately!
  2. You know that being with a Hijackal® has lasting effects that you MUST be aware of. You want to deeply understand how the experience has/is affecting you and your life. 
  3. You can’t seem to get the nagging, nasty, negatives that you’ve heard out of your head–and out of your heart.
  4. You still blame yourself for many things that you sadly took too much responsibility for in these relationships.
  5. You want to move forward with a more realistic view of how you may think about yourself.
  6. You want to become exceptionally good at clarifying, expressing, and maintaining your boundaries…especially in the face of Hijackals, but with all people.
  7. You want a healthy relationship with yourself and others, without the shadow of the Hijackal(s)
  8. You want to be with a small group who can absolutely and confidentially relate to what has happened in your own life, because Hijackals love to isolate you, and you can also isolate yourself.
  9. You want in-depth, personal answers to your questions from Dr. Shaler where there is time to talk about things.
  10. You’re ready to feel good, confident, assertive, optimistic, certain, and peaceful. 


To reduce the “Hijackal Effect” in your life, the dark corners where fear, negativity, and vigilance wait to pounce need to be exposed.
This program will help with that in a safe, respectful space.

You want to be free from the tentacles that Hijackals wrap around your soul, the chains of control they lock around your mind. 

That’s why they can keep you hooked on hope that they will change, that one day they will be the person you want to believe they can be.  You cannot change them, and they have no interest in changing themselves. You know that.

Free yourself. In this relationship group coaching, you’ll find new insights, information, and inspiration to move beyond the influence of a Hjiackal to a greater sense of you–your values, vision for your life, beliefs, goals and purposes.

You know you are not here to cower under the wrath, uncertainty, control, power, and displeasure of a toxic person…even if s/he is your parent!

So much to talk about. So, only twelve people. 

Why? I want you to get what you most need, to have the opportunity and time to ask your deepest questions, get answers, AND integrate those answers into every day ways of being.

I know it’s not easy. I’ve been there. I’ve had the Hijackal parent, partner, ex, child, and co-worker. There was no one to help me, but I can help you. I’ve developed this work to put your mind at rest, and allow you to step into your strength.

Relationship Group Coaching is your opportunity to talk with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler directly about your partner, ex, or parent to:
> get your personal relationship questions answered in depth
> understand the abusive behavior patterns of the Hijackal in your life
> learn proven strategies for responding to Hijackal behaviors
> clarify, set, and maintain boundaries
> strengthen your confidence to be more assertive
> find strategies to speak up effectively

NOTE: This program is NOT for couples.