“Uncovering and Discovering”  – NEW Clients only

This is the beginning of working with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler. You choose this session for one of two reasons:

  1. You know you are ready to solve, resolve, or better understand difficulties in your relationship, and this is the first step to ongoing work
  2. You are not sure you are ready to commit – or even IF or HOW private sessions can help and you want to explore further. 

Invest in a two-hour exploratory mission with Dr. Shaler, and uncover the issues you are facing, and possible approaches to solving and managing them.

Counselor Advising Couple On Relationship Difficulties

This no-obligation session is about finding out what each of you believe to be the problems with your relationship, the solutions each of you want… with a neutral ear to help navigate difficult conversations.

You can’t fix what’s broke if you aren’t able to be open, and kindly honest, with one another. It often helps to have an expert in the mix, someone who doesn’t have any history with either of you and can listen to everything with an unbiased ear and give you clear, direct feedback.


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