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Personal integrity

We have so many energy leaks in our lives:

  • things we do, but wish we wouldn’t
  • things we don’t do, but wish we did
  • things others told us to do, but we don’t know why we do them
  • things we beat ourselves up for that could easily be done or eliminated

The Personal Integrity Checklist is a good first step to stopping your energy leaks!

In order to be fully present each moment of your life, you are wise to eliminate energy leaks. Energy leaks occur when you remember an undone task and, once again, leave it undone. You remember it again and again and each time is a energy leak.

To eliminate these, DO THEM RIGHT AWAY! This is a simple way to restore your sense of control in your life and create peace. This leaves you much more ready to respond positively to daily events.

The most important thing is that you stay aware of these items and make a plan to check them as DONE as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The purpose of this checklist is to help you make commitments to yourself to remove energy leaks. You decide on your time frame. Remember, unstoppable self-confidence is created by keeping your commitments to yourself. Start now!

The Personal Integrity Checklist is easily printable to keep right on your desktop, so it’s handy & EASY TO USE. OR, for the more technological approach, Just do this:

  1. Complete the form BELOW to receive the download link.
  2. Save the Personal Integrity Checklist to your computer desktop
  3. Open, use and print (or re-read) as needed
  4. And you’re on your way to an “energy efficient life”.

Be gentle with yourself: This list may take you some time to complete. Do not get discouraged! You did not acquire your leaks in a week and they will not disappear immediately.

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What folks have said…
You're an angel
Ah ! Because of this page and your help . You’re an angel, honestly. I would still be doing the same thing I was doing a year ago if I hadn’t met you.
From client who I helped leave a HJ relationship that had been dragging on for twelve years.