It's difficult to think about the future when you are stressed, oppressed, and depressed by your current situation. Motivation, inspiration, and strategies to pick yourself up, take action, and make excellent decisions!


  • Why it's important to focus on the decision-making process
  • What "decision fatigue" is and how it may work against you
  • How you can get stuck in a comfortably uncomfortable spot and why you need to move
  • How making excellent decisions impacts relationships
  • How improving decision-making can help you escape a toxic relationship
  • How not to have regrets after making a decision

Ever feel too tired to even try to think your way out of a paper bag?

Then, you may see thinking your way out of a toxic relationship as insurmontable on your worst days.

Today, my guest, Robert MacPhee, and I will help you find the energy, courage, and skills to step out of mental exhaustion as well as emotional exhaustion. When you can count on your improved decision-making strategies, you're more likely to feel more confident in your decisions. Listen and use these new insights and tactics to lift yourself up, and make better decisions in favor of yourself and your children.


decision fatigueRobert MacPhee is a leadership coach and consultant. He is the former Director of Training for Jack Canfield, (Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Success Principles), a Founding Member of the Transformational Leadership Council, a Co-Founder of the Southern California Association of Transformational Leaders, the author of the “Manifesting for Non-Gurus” book and partner journal and the creator of the Excellent Decisions approach to effective leadership.

Robert teaches people how to thrive, achieve at a very high level and be truly happy,by making decisions and taking actions driven by their vision and values rather than all of the stress and pressure we are faced with in today’s world.

Ancient Greek Definition of Happiness: “The experience of joy while in pursuit of your potential.”

GIFT FOR YOU: Video explaining how change works and why people experience resistance even when they are pursuing a goal that they KNOW is good for them. www.excellentdecisions.com/joy


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