If you’re reading this page, you are interested in being my guest on Save Your Sanity: Help for Toxic Relationships. 

This show is focused on bringing fresh perspectives, new insights, valuable information, support, and strategies to help women and men experiencing relationships with toxic people: toxic parents, toxic partners, toxic siblings, toxic co-workers. This is the focus of my work, as well as my podcast. 

Before applying to be a guest, PLEASE READ THIS PAGE. YOU’LL KNOW IF WE’RE A GOOD FIT.
The application form is at the bottom.

dealing with difficult people

Unique angles and in-depth topics are welcome:

  • Recognizing patterns, traits, and cycles
  • See problems for what they really are
  • Knowing when to leave a relationship
  • Knowing how to leave
  • Impacts on children of toxic people
  • Red flags in dating
  • Long-time issues with parents or sibling issues
  • Workplace frustrations
  • Bullying
  • Extreme passivity
  • Lack of emotional intimacy
  • Parenting and co-parenting with a toxic ex
  • Cutting toxic people out of your life 
  • Divorcing
  • Court and attorneys when dealing with toxic people 
  • Stories, insights, and strategies for managing challenging relationships, whether loving them, leaving them, or being raised by them.

We will pre-record a 30 minute VIDEO together. 

I look for podcast guests who bring other perspectives, from diverse fields, on dealing with difficult people and toxic  relationships. 

  • Family law attorneys
  • Journalists
  • Researchers
  • Mediators
  • Law enforcement
  • Child Protective services workers
  • Authors of books related to personality disorders
  • Professionals who have survived abusive relationships
  • Therapists with unique niches 
  • Psychologists, Psychiatrists with specialties in personality disorders

A great guest is a proven expert who is confident, offers information freely, and engages easily in on-air, video conversation. S/he has the expertise, education, and experience to speak knowledgeably within  this niche. S/he can relax and share their insights, strategies, stories, and wisdom, knowing the host’s promotion of them is more compelling than self-promotion.

This is not your usual relationship show. It is uniquely dedicated to helping listeners recognize and recover from toxic relationships.

Our episodes offer both solocasts from Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, and interviews with expert guests with in-depth, unique, highly-niched topics related directly to toxic relationships.

Love authors, researchers, and other podcasters, too! 


dealing with difficult people


My work is providing urgent care for relationships in crisis, and unique insights and strategies for dealing with the difficult, toxic–and often disturbing–people I call “Hijackals®.”

As a relationship consultant, educator, and author, I help my clients escape the endless cycle of crazy-making behavior, alienation, and constant drama in troubled relationships.  My mission is to help people stop tolerating abuse, particularly verbal and emotional abuse.

If you would like to be a guest on Save Your Sanity, ideally you will:

  • focused on the unique needs of those struggling with the impacts of difficult, toxic relationships
  • be passionate about what you do and know exactly why you do it
  • have written books, ebooks, articles, blogs–all of value to your audience…and mine.
  • welcome in-depth conversations about difficult topics, unscripted
  • have reach with your own newsletter and social media circles to share your interview within a week of it airing.

If this describes you, apply today!

All interviews are pre-recorded on video, and we distribute the podcast audio across all the major podcast apps.

Thanks for dropping by!

Talk soon!

Rhoberta Shaler, PhD
The Relationship Help Doctor

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