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relationship problemsHi! I'm Dr. Rhoberta Shaler,
The Relationship Help Doctor.

I help the partners, exes, and adult children of relentlessly difficult people save their sanity and stop the crazy-making!
I call these people "Hijackals™."

Hijackals are people who hijack relationships--for their own purposes--while relentlessly scavenging them for power status and control.

I can help you if you're with a Hijackal, have left one, or were raised by one.

How? By giving you the insights, strategies--and a some surprisingly effective new skills--to end the verbal and emotional abuse. New ways to think about the impact of Hijackals on your life, no matter whether they are sleeping next to you, or are long gone. You need these to create a happier, healthier and safer life for yourself and your children.

If you are living with someone who always makes you wrong, makes everything your fault, and never takes responsibility for anything, you need these immediate insights, skills, and strategies. You'll get huge help--and relief--from your Optimize Access Pass.

If you want access to information only to help you understand what a Hijackal really is,

Hijackals are always creating drama, chaos and uncertaintyYou'll know you're ready if you are:

  • Exhausted from arguing or walking on eggshells
  • Second-guessing yourself constantly
  • Questioning your sanity too often
  • Tired of all the drama
  • Beaten down by always being told you're wrong or at fault
  • Concerned about what your children are seeing, hearing, and knowing
  • Trying to co-parent with an uncooperative ex who wants to punish y ou
  • Reflecting on what you really, really want and need in your relationship, and what you have isn't it
  • Wanting right-on-topic, brand-new, effective insights and strategies to move you forward right away
  • Want to feel less alone, safe, and secure while learning what you need to know to improve your life and relationships

If you're still not quite ready to work with me privately, becoming an Optimize Access member is a great start. This offers very specific and unique who,  what, why, how-to, why-to content I've created only for members.

The Optimize Access Pass gives you the most self-study support you can get
—without a private consultation package with me.

Exclusive Content just for Members

  • Exclusive video and digital content to help you see, understand, and effectively deal with difficult people and situations,
    with new content added regularly.
  • Downloadable copy of my ebook, "BEWARE of Hijackals™: The Relationship Predator Who NEEDS To Have Power Over You" - exclusive to members only
  • Access to my Frequently Asked Questions database (over 150 relationship questions answered for you - and more added regularly)
  • Exclusive access to the "Submit Your Question" feature. Ask your questions by email, responses added to FAQ.
  • Invitation to join my Secret Group for members only on Facebook: Optimizing Life Now! You can ask your questions there and get quick answers from me, and other members.
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When you are hurt, confused, demeaned, and exhausted by your relationship, you need VERY specific answers, insights, skills, and strategies. I'm committed to providing those. I'll help you find the clarity you need to know exactly what to do next!

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Warm regards,
Dr. Rhoberta Shaler
The Relationship Help Doctor