Mediation Services to solve relationship problems

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If you are having relationship problems at home or at work,  I can help.

Conflict is inevitable.
Combat can leave you dead right,
but, dead nonetheless!
Mediation creates clarity, communication & collaboration to live with new agreements.

- Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

Whether you are focused on improving your relationship, or ending it, my clients say that my expertise, experience and calm presence provides them with the safety they  need to talk about and work through difficult things and difficult times.

Mediation is the ideal solution for resolving relationship problems: communication, conflict, parenting, support, separation, divorce, co-parenting.

Working with a professional mediator–a professional “neutral”–who can help you mediate differences before they become irreconcilable saves you time, energy, anxiety, stress and money. It is the wise decision.

Engaging an un-biased, professionally-trained mediator allows each person involved to feel safe in the dispute resolution process: no special-interest pleading, no taking sides, no politics.

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Together, we will have the confidential, respectful conversations that lead to the new agreements you need to resolving relationship problems healthily and recover from relationship problems wisely.

Do not wait for a crisis! This is a mistake many people make in their relationships.

Waiting for crisis mediation seriously complicates the issues. Emotions become high, and often, entrenched. Unnecessary stands are taken, held, and protected, often without understanding, clarity or honest communication. You can instantly see that mediation is the wise choice when it is clear that an issue is truly an issue and not a passing inequity.

If you have strong differences of opinion or values, or if you have very different temperament or processing styles, it is wise to invite that expert "neutral" to mediate your conversations. That will  lead you to  solutions, resolutions and agreements that will once again provide stability to the relationship, even if the mediated settlement is the decision to part ways. That, too, is stability.

relationship help"I invite you to work with me because I know you will feel so much better about yourself, your relationship and your choices.

I know that mediation is a powerful process for creating new pathways to successful interaction while putting old issues to rest.  Couples who work with me are ready to bring their focus to their relationship.

Whether they are seeking the peace to move towards one another, or seeking a peaceful, equitable way to move on from one another, the resulting settlements save them substantial time, energy, expense, anxiety,  and stress. It's the wise way to determine the next best steps in your relationship.  "

- Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationshp Help Doctor

A relationship consultant, educator and professional mediator, she works with couples, families, partners and workplace teams to focus on agreements that clarify, understand and settle relationships, issues, situations and conditions.

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Call Dr. Rhoberta Shaler and her team to discuss the specific outcomes you would like to create.

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