It Happened To Me! A Book to Help Folks Stop Tolerating Abuse

I was abusedI was abused. Were you abused?

You are not alone! And we want other men and women to know that they are not alone, either! And, to help others stop tolerating abuse.

My 17th book, Stop Tolerating Abuse, will be published this year. This is more than a book. It's a movement, a very important movement!I was abused

To accompany the new book, I am giving away a bonus ebook, It Happened To Me!

You're invited to tell your story in It Happened To Me! 

I was abused. You've been abused. Others have been abused by the same person who hurt you.

Your story is important, and can help others find themselves...and find the way out of their abusive, Hijackal® relationships!

Write up to 750 words, using the form below.
Include what happened, what you did, and what you learned. It's that simple. You can use the form below.
It can be anonymous, you can make up a name, or you can use your real name. It's up to you.

What IS important is that you write it, share it, and make a difference to help others stop tolerating abuse. 

When the ebook is completed, you'll be able to read the stories of others who can say that verbal, emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual abuse happened to me! It will help you, too. 

Submit Your Story here:

Would you be willing to tell your story on The Relationship Help Show?  This is my radio show, so no video involved in the It Happened To Me segment. If you would be willing to record a segment with me to tell your story, and help others by doing so, use this special submission form.  Once I receive your form, I'll contact you to create a good time for both of us to record your segment.

Can you imagine how helpful it would have been to you to hear a story similar to the one you were living? And, then, to hear how someone managed to change all that and have a healthier life and relationships? It's invaluable. You can be that person for someone else.  Please use the form now.  Thank you!


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